Traditional Tourtiere Pie with Flaky Spelt Pie Pastry

Two slices of Traditional Tourtiere Pie with Flaky Spelt Pie Crust on white plates with a sprig of parsley and two pieces of cheddar cheese.

Most of the recipes I have posted here have been handed down through my Oma to my Mom to me. Not this one! šŸ™‚ ThisĀ delicious traditional tourtiere pie is one my Mom did make every Christmas, however, it is originally a recipe from my grandmother (my Dad’s mom) who made it every year for myRead more

German Fruit and Nut Spelt Bread (Swabian Hutzelbrot)

A darkly baked german fruit and nut spelt bread on a baking sheet

Last year around this time I heard my Mom mention the word “Hutzelbrot”, that she was going to make it and that is was one of my Oma’s favorite Christmas goodies. Of course, I was intrigued. I remember how surprised Oma was, she practically squealed with glee to receive it. However, after I found outRead more