Apple Sponge Cake with Spelt Flour

An apple sponge cake made with spelt flour on a decorative plate with one slice cut

I may have squealed a little when Carly asked me to write a guest blog post for Modern Hippie Housewife. I knew exactly what recipe I wanted to share: this delightfully fancy looking but oh so simple apple cake. This is a recipe that my Mom has been making since she was in her twenties thanks to her much loved (and completely falling apart) German Home Baking recipe book from the 60’s.

Read the rest over at Modern Hippie Housewife‘s gorgeous blog.

2 thoughts on “Apple Sponge Cake with Spelt Flour

  1. The recipe seems to be missing from the Modern Hippie Housewife website. Are you going to update this page and add the recipe to your blog? It looks delicious.

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