Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Spelt Bread

Two slices of chocolate hazelnut swirl spelt bread cut away from the loaf and sitting on a wood cutting board

As I write this there are millions of soft little snowflakes gently making their way down to blanket the bushes in the yard and all the trees in the distance. Seems very fitting since this Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Spelt Bread is something my Oma used to always make at Christmastime. Unfortunately there are a lotRead more

Vanilla and Chocolate Spelt Marble Cake

A round chocolate and vanilla marble cake with icing drizzled on top

Sometimes you just want cake… you NEED cake. It’s not anyone’s birthday, anniversary, special day, event or even Cake Day (every November 26th if you wanted to know šŸ˜‰ ) but you make cake anyways. This was that cake for me. A little vanilla, a little chocolate, dense but also moist and quite pretty whenRead more